Česky krok za krokem 1

Czech step by step 1 : A1-A2

Lída Holá

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Table of Contents Topic Seznamujeme se Let’s get to know each other Kde je to? Where is it? jídlo a pití Food and drink Moje rodina My family Kdy je to? When is it? Co jsi dneska delal/a? What did you do today? Dum a byt Houses and flats Plánujeme víkend Planning our weekend Lidské telo The human body Místo, kde bydlíme The place we live Na dovolené On holiday Tradicní svátky Traditional holidays Grammar Chapters Let’s get to know each other Pronunciation Formal and informal dialogues Who is it? What is he doing? The numbers 0-10. Contact information Vocabulary bank: Professions Where is it? • ' On the left, right, up, down Writing e-mails The numbers 10-1000 Vocabulary bank: Locations Food and drink In a restaurant An invitation for coffee Vocabulary bank: Food and drink My family Petr’s family How is he/she/it...? The numbers 1000-10,000 Vocabulary bank: Family When is it? When will we meet? Marina’s day An early bird or a night owl? Marina’s week Vocabulary bank: Daily routine What did you do today? Where were you? When was it? Do you know who it was? Vocabulary bank: Countries, nations, languages Houses and flats Furnishing a flat or house Looking for accommodations Vocabulary bank: Furniture and accessories Planning our weekend Eva and Professor Higgins My weekend Vocabulary bank: Free time activities The human body What do we look like? At the doctor’s office At the pharmacy Word bank: The human body The place we live Eva goes from one job to another Invitation to visit Vocabulary bank: Shops On holiday Travelling Complications while travelling Vocabulary bank: Travel checklist Traditional holidays Cleaning up What are your plans for the holidays? Vocabulary bank: Housework Personal pronouns The verb být -á,-í and -uj conjugations in the present tense Addressing people The verb mít How is that written? Czech letters Grammatical gender The nominative singular The verbs jit and jet Adverbs expressing direction and location Grammatical gender - revision The accusative singular -e conjugations in the present tense The verbs chtít, jíst and mít rád Possessive pronouns The verb jmenovat se Possessive adjectives The accusative singular - revision Talking about time Modal verbs The prepositions od / do The expression rád The past tense The second position in Czech sentences The locative singular Expressing place. The question kde? The verbs vedet * znát Verbs with the accusative The nominative and accusative plural The numerals 1 and 2 The date The future tense Expressing direction. The question kam? “Na-verbs” Irregular nominative plural verb forms Personal pronouns in the dative and accusative Accusative object-centred expressions The prepositions pro, za, na Prepositions with the genitive The genitive singular Expressing direction. The question odkud kam? “Long” and “short” verbs of motion Basic verbs of motion with the prefixes pri- and od- Prefixes and their meaning Imperfective/perfective verbs The future tense of perfective verbs 9 17 25 33 41 49 57 65 73 81 89 97 Cesky krok za krokem 1 3 I Table of Contents Topic Výmluvy a prání Excuses and wishes Mluvíme o pocasí Talking about the weather Technika a komunikace Technology and communication Móda vcera a dnes Fashion yesterday and today Stehujeme se We’re moving Etapy života Life stages Rodice a deti Parents and children Varíme a vážíme Cooking and weighing Máme rádi zvírata We like animals Mluvíme o práci Talking about work Kultura a my Culture and us Cesko krok za krokem The Czech Republic step by step Grammar Chapters Excuses and wishes What would happen if... We have good manners What is someone like? How should he be? Vocabulary bank: Characteristics Talking about the weather Good, or well? Who’s the fairest? Vocabulary bank: The weather Technology and communication Computers and the Internet Buying presents Invitation to a party Vocabulary bank: Electronics, computers, the Internet Fashion yesterday and today Clothes shopping I love you! I’m waiting for you... Vocabulary bank: Clothing We’re moving We need tradespeople Services Vocabulary bank: Trades and services Life stages Personal relationships Talking about life Vocabulary bank: Relationships Parents and children What do parents say to their children? Petr! Lucie! Mark! Vocabulary bank: Dos and don’ts Cooking and weighing Whose is it? How not to diet Vocabulary bank: Cooking We like animals To have, or not to have? That is the question. Visiting the zoo Interesting animal facts Vocabulary bank: Animals Talking about work Looking for work A job interview Communication at work Vocabulary bank: Jobs Culture and us What to wear to the theatre? Arts and culture guide Speaking with a writer Vocabulary bank: Culture The Czech Republic step by step UNESCO monuments How people speak in different places Vocabulary bank: Buildings and monuments The conditional “Kdyby-clauses” (clauses with kdyby) Advice and suggestions. The modal verb mít The words mít rád x líbit se x chutnat Dative object-centred expressions Personal pronouns (short forms and forms after prepositions) The instrumental singular Prepositions used with the instrumental Prepositions used with the accusative and the instrumental The declension of interrogative pronouns kdo, co The declension of indefinite and negative pronouns nekdo, neco and nikdo, nic The relative pronoun který Verbs used with the preposition s/se and the instrumental Verbs used with the preposition ? and the locative The imperative The negative imperative “Aby-clauses” (with the conjunction aby) Expressing advice or suggestions (subordinate clauses with aby, at and že) The vocative singular Diminutives Polite requests or appeals. The verb moct in the conditional The nominative plural of Ma and N nouns The nominative and accusative plural of Ma nouns The relative pronoun který Revision of singular adjective and noun declensions Standard and everyday spoken Czech Adjectives x adverbs Forming adverbs Comparison of adjectives The dative singular Verbs used with the dative Prepositions used with the dative The partitive genitive The possessive genitive The genitive plural Counting in Czech The pronoun svuj, svoje Comparison of adverbs Ordinal numbers Verbs with the reflexive se and si The reflexive passive 105 113 121 129 137 145 153 161 169 177 185 193 4 Cesky krok za krokem 1
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